Actress Helen Mirren: 'Binary Sexuality isn't Real'

English actress Dame Helen Mirren claims that "binary sexuality" isn't real. Meaning that there are no pure men or pure women, but rather that we are all a mixture of each. She said that everyone is a “wonderful mix of male and female” and that sexuality is something we choose.

She added that transgender "women" are indeed women, just because they claim to be.

The Academy Award winner said, "I came to the conclusion an awfully long time ago that there is black and there is white, and we’re all somewhere in the middle in a wonderful mix of male and female." She added, "There is no such thing as binary sexuality, when you’re male or female. I don’t believe that at all."

Can you say cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?

During an interview with RadioTimes, Mirran said, “I think I was very lucky to be in my world, the world of acting and drama, because I think an awful lot of actors have male and female in them. A lot of great actors, great, masculine actors, are actually very feminine.

“Great heart-throbs have a very present feminine side to them.  A lot of very strong female actors, have a very strong male side to them," she continued. “I never want to go to the doctor and I’m a brilliant map reader. I have a lot of what people might call male qualities. But I certainly look like a woman.”

Breitbart reports:

Later on, Mirren was quizzed on her views regarding the transgender community, and was asked whether she agreed with the views of Australian feminist Germaine Greer on transgender people. Greer previously said in a BBC Newsnight interview that transgender women are “not women” just because they say they are. She said:

Just because you lop off your dick and then wear a dress doesn’t make you a f**cking woman. I’ve asked my doctor to give me long ears and liver spots and I’m going to wear a brown coat but that won’t turn me into a f**cking cocker spaniel.

I do understand that some people are born intersex and they deserve support in coming to terms with their gender but it’s not the same thing. A man who gets his dick chopped off is actually inflicting an extraordinary act of violence on himself.

Mirren responded: “Do you mean Germaine Greer saying women are women and men are men? Well, she didn’t quite say that but if being a TERF [trans-exclusionary radical feminist] is not accepting that trans women are women then I’m not a TERF,’ she added.

Sounds like a bunch of liberal, nonsense rubbish if you ask me.