AI-Generated Joe Rogan Experience Podcast is Stunningly Close to the Real Thing: 'Mind blowingly dangerous'

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot, has produced a 51-minute installment of The Joe Rogan Experience, which includes near-perfect imitations of both the podcast host's and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's voices.

The episode commences with an AI-generated Rogan extending a greeting to the viewers for the inaugural episode of the "Joe Rogan AI Experience," articulating in a way and with a tone that is challenging to discern from that of the actual individual.

"I'm your host, Joe Rogan, or at least that's what this AI model thinks I sound like. Let me tell you, folks, this is some next-level stuff we've got going on here today," AI Rogan continues. "Every single word of this podcast has been generated with the help of ChatGPT."

During the course of the podcast, the artificial voices of Rogan and Altman delve into various subjects, encompassing the necessity of ethical considerations in AI, the prospective influence of ChatGPT on the entertainment sector, the legitimacy of concerns about fabricated AI content, and Elon Musk's remarks on OpenAI.

To an uninitiated listener, the discussion between the two synthetic voices might appear genuine. Nonetheless, there are certain instances where the syntax and speech patterns of Rogan and Altman could come across as excessively complex or robotic.

As an illustration, ChatGPT endeavors to replicate the natural breaks in human speech, with Rogan and Altman incorporating "ah" and "um" to convey a thoughtful and deliberative thought process. Nevertheless, the pauses occasionally seem excessively frequent or occur at inappropriate moments.

Moreover, when queried by the artificial Rogan, the AI-generated Altman nearly always reiterates the question before proceeding with his answer. While skilled orators frequently employ this technique, in this instance, the output often reproduces the question in a comparable manner.

The YouTube channel that uploaded the AI-generated dialogue also unveiled a subsequent installment, featuring a podcast between an artificial Rogan voice and ex-President Donald Trump.

"Joe, it's great to be here," AI Trump says towards the start of the podcast. "I'm doing fantastic. Just fantastic. The energy in this room is tremendous."

In the video, the AI adeptly manages Trump's speaking style, which often involves the frequent use of emphatic adjectives like "massive," "incredible," and "brilliant." The tone of the artificial Rogan's voice has also undergone enhancement since the previous video. However, the imitation Trump noticeably lacks the forceful vocal modulations of his real-life equivalent.

As of late, deepfake visuals and artificially generated content have been the subject of numerous news reports, with many cautioning against the hazards of utilizing someone's name and appearance to fabricate a counterfeit reality. The advent of novel artificial intelligence tools has further amplified the ubiquity of fraudulent videos, pictures, and audio.

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