America, the Democratic Party Will Never Again Accept Defeat in a National Election

Copyright 2020, by Dale Summitt, Author and CEO, Trailblazing America

Any American paying attention to current events, and especially those with an even modest understanding of American History, is keenly and frightfully aware of the four-years-long fight by the Democratic Party to overthrow the Trump Presidency. This bitter, rage-filled, illegal, immoral and demonic battle to remove President Trump is about more than his removal. The intent and agenda of the Democratic Party and the Globalist Left is nothing short of the overthrow of the American Republic, again, “by any means necessary”.

As we have recently witnessed, such “necessary means” includes blatant lying, fear-mongering and all-out hysteria to sell the Covid-19 outbreak as a “deadly pandemic” akin to the “Bubonic Plague” of the 1340s or the “Spanish Flu” of 1918-1920. Democratic Party leaders, and some Republicans, have used the Covid-19 outbreak to impose tyrannical rule in various states and cities, shutting down a third of our economy to “manufacture” a severe recession, designed nefariously to harm millions of hard working Americans for their own perceived political gain. These pathetic leaders are Imposing draconian orders for American citizens to stay at home, denying them a right to earn a living, run their businesses, and, in the case of their children, denying them the right to an education by closing schools. Not to mention those disgusting mandatory masks. The only thing more idiotic than the economic shutdown, was the failure of conservatives, Republicans and the American people to refuse to comply with these clearly unconstitutional executive orders.

On May 25, 2020, in the midst of the dictatorial and tragic economic shutdown which is bankrupting millions of small business owners and working Americans, the also-tragic death of George Floyd ignited protests and an issue that the Democratic Party and Globalist Left immediately pounced upon as a political opportunity to ignite, organize, promote and fund a nationwide outbreak of  violent, ruthless riots and massive unlawful and illegal mob attacks on citizens, conservatives, Christians, small businesses, politicians, as well as both private and public property. These vicious mobs are nothing short of domestic terror attacks with the clear intent of precipitating a violent overthrow of the duly elected Constitutional government of the United States.

The Democratic Party and the majority of elected Democrat Governors and big city mayors, together with the Globalist Left and radical Marxist activists, have, either through pure cowardice, callous political advantage, or most likely, as a calculated act, added political consent and thus, momentum to the “Marxist Revolutionaries.” Their motive? to assist in the overthrow the U.S. government and Constitution, have have consistently stood down and allowed or encouraged these violent and destructive mobs, vandals and rioters to burn our cities to the ground. The Democratic Party is at war, to forcibly establish a permanent Socialist Dictatorship and enslave everyone who is not a member of the Globalist Elite or a Marxist storm trooper. And, if you don’t approve, they will destroy you if they can.

In the run-up to the 2016 Presidential Election, the Democratic Party and Globalist Left used every possible means, illegal, immoral, unconstitutional-to first, prevent the election of Republican Donald Trump, and afterward, for four years, spared no means, even the formerly unthinkable, to force President Trump from office. Thus far, nothing has worked, but rest assuredly and uneasily, the Democrats will never, ever give up. The Democratic Party refused to accept their loss to Republicans and Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election, as we know all too well.

Today’s far-left, radical, Marxist, Globalist Democratic Party has hardened its total opposition to Mr. Trump, Republicans, Conservatives and Christians, to the point of vile hatred of everything these groups, the Constitution, and principles of liberty the United States has legally and traditionally stood for since 1776. Consequently, given their vile hatred of virtually everything deemed good and virtuous for over two centuries, the Democratic Party will never, ever give up in their evil quest to overthrow our Constitutional American Republic.

In slightly less than three months, Americans are scheduled to vote in what this author firmly believes is the most important Presidential Election in the entire 244 year history of the United States. Some have said it is “the most important election since 1860”, on the eve of the American Civil War. I disagree; the Civil War, precipitated by Abraham Lincoln’s election and Southern states’ refusal to accept defeat, resulted in the resolution of the conflict over slavery, and by military force, restored the American Republic-until now.

Today, 160 years later, and less than three months to Election Day, the Democratic Party clearly has no intention of allowing Republicans, Conservatives and President Donald Trump to control our national government after the November 3 election. The Democratic Party, having spent 5 years already attempting to overthrow our Republic, and are, as I write, maliciously and viciously using the “Covid-19” outbreak hysteria, and the “racial and identity Marxist politics”, to harm or destroy tens of millions of American citizens for callous political advantage.  Why? - to deliberately create a massive economic disaster, as well as a racial and cultural war, to try to defeat Mr. Trump and Republicans in the election - no matter what the dire consequences are for the rest of us.

Using all the fear, hysteria and hatred Democrats deliberately created, they furthermore are working feverishly now to use “national mail-in voting” to engage in massive voter fraud and corrupt election tactics including “ballot harvesting” while allowing millions of ineligible or nonexistent “voters” to cast fraudulent ballots, to steal the election for the Democratic Party. Recently, we also learned that the Democratic Party with its Globalist Marxist allies, are working on a scheme to create mass confusion and contention over both the results and the legitimacy of the 2020 Presidential Election. By doing so, Democrats plan to delay if necessary to win, the naming of a clear winner so the Democratic controlled House of Representatives can simply vote a Left Wing Democrat into the Presidency and thus bypass and nullify the election results.

The Democratic Party will never, ever accept defeat in another national election. That includes the election on November 3, 2020. No matter how the results of the November 3 Presidential Election turn out, Democrats and other Marxists are bluntly intent that a Democrat will be President-by “any means necessary”, even if those means include lying, cheating, massive voter fraud, violent intimidation, by massive rioting and mobs burning down the nation’s cities, or even by armed insurrection. The Democratic Party intends to control the White House and, yes, Congress, and create their Socialist Dictatorship even if they must resort to insurrection, secession, ignoring the Rule of Law, or even burning America to the ground. The Democratic Party is, in gambling parlance, “betting everything”; they believe they can, and if we allow them to continue without ruthless, all-out Conservative opposition, will indeed overthrow our American Republic come this November.

Americans, we must wake up to the reality that, refusing to accept another election defeat means the Democratic Party has already declared all-out war on the Constitution, our Republic, our freedoms, rights and liberties. Unless we act now as Patriots, to wage all-out opposition, and seize the offensive, all will be lost. Our nation will become a living hell, and our lives as Americans will literally become hell on earth.

Pray for our nation and for our leaders to be courageous and to oppose this evil, demonic movement with all their hearts and minds. Pray for loyal patriotic Americans to step forward to defend her with all our hearts and minds. Pray that God will deliver us from the demonic agenda of the Globalist Left and Democratic Party.  God willing, let freedom ring and prevail once again, in preservation of America the Beautiful.

Dale Summitt
Trailblazing America
[email protected]

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