American Mom in Saudia Arabia Loses Custody of Four-Year-Old Daughter for Being 'Too Western to Raise the Child'

Bethany Vierra, a 32-year-old American mom in Saudi Arabia, lost custody of her daughter after divorcing her husband. The reason she was given for losing her child is completely insane.

Vierra lost custody of her four-year-old daughter Zaina in July. The reason why? The court determined the mother was too "new to Islam."

"The mother is new to Islam, is a foreigner in this country, and continues to definitively embrace the customs and traditions of her upbringing. We must avoid exposing (Zaina) to these customs and traditions, especially at this early age," Judge Abdul-Ellah ibn Mohammed al-Tuwaijri said in his July ruling, according to a report from CNN.

Vierra moved to Saudia Arabia in 2011 to teach at a university.

The ex-husband of Vierra used her social media against her. He used it to prove she was living a non-Islamic lifestyle.

Her ex-husband's lawyers used her trip to the "Burning Man" festival as evidence she should lose her daughter. They described it as "the world's strangest festival" where people in attendance "appear in crazy clothes and stay awake all night dancing and surrounded by people wearing only shoes made of fur, or drinking drugs (sic) or cold drinks."

American Mom in Saudia Arabia

Vierra made claims that the ex-husband used drugs and was verbally abusive. He denies all of those allegations.

"There was drug use and that became an issue," Kathi Vierra, Bethany's mother, stated.

Custody of Zaina was granted to her Saudi grandmother. Who just so happens to live with Zaina's father.

More on the story from Daily Mail:

'The fact that the father is residing with his mother is likely a temporary situation,' the judge stated. 'Knowing that it is in men's nature not to stay at home and not to honor/fulfill parental role themselves.' 

Vierra has until Sunday to appeal the decision and the child is currently in her custody.

Her parents share that there is a warrant out for her arrest because she missed a child visitation from her ex-husband - which they claim she didn't know about.

They also claim that the woman has been banned from leaving the country for the next 10 years, failing to provide a reasoning as to why. 

'She wants to have the rights to go and come. She used to have that right,' Myron Vierra, the woman's father, said.

Myron shared that her daughter refuses to go down without a fight and plans to appeal the decision. 

'Bethany won't give up. Because that's her daughter,' he said.

'And it makes perfect sense that she won't give up. We also realize that she may lose her life doing this, or we may never see her again.' 

The couple has come to terms with the fact that they may not ever see either the mother or her little girl. 

'If Zaina can't leave, she won't leave,' Kathi said. 

Myron added: 'We love our granddaughter. I think our deepest fear is that we might not ever see her again.'      

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This story is absolutely disgusting. Yet the left wants to allow these people to flee from their country and do whatever the heck they want in America. If they want to join the Western world then they need to assimilate.

Many people think that since Saudi Arabia is an ally to America, President Trump should reach out. What do you think?

Unfortunately this situation is most likely in the hands of Saudi Arabia.