Another Hillary Document Dump on Friday

The Clinton campaign has more dumped documents to worry about. Another Hillary document dump happened and more emails went public on Friday.

Another Hillary Document Dump on Friday

It has been speculated that Friday's documents could not be as interesting as previous ones. The reason is because many of these documents are in the public domain in one form or another.

According to State Department spokesman John Kirby, "This will be our first substantial release of information that we received from the FBI. We'll be releasing approximately 75 documents totaling about 270 pages."

According to the FBI there were potentially 5,600 new messages to investigate. Since then, lawyers have pointed out that about half of those are potentially duplicates.

Another Hillary Document Dump on Friday

This is the first of four documents dumps, which were court ordered. These dumps are to happen between now and Election Day.

One of the judges ordered the State to go ahead and process 350 pages of Clinton's emails. These are to be released every other week until the election. Still another judge has requested that an additional batch of 1,850 emails be released on November 3, only 5 days before the election.

While those numbers seem high, there will most likely be much less documents released. There are many duplicate emails and emails submitted to other agencies, which count toward this total.