Auntie Maxine Pushes Trump Conspiracy Theory, Admits ‘I Don’t Have the Facts to Prove it’

Grab the tinfoil hats and gather around, kids! Auntie Maxine is telling conspiracy theories again.

House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters promoted conspiracy theories about President Donald Trump On CNN, Monday night. She claims he colluded with Russia, but then admits that she doesn’t have a single shred of evidence to prove it!

According to the California Democrat, Trump convinced Russia to help him with the 2016 election in exchange for him lifting sanctions on them.

Waters claimed that Trump somehow agreed to lift sanctions on Russia if Russia helped him with the 20

“Because I believe,” Waters began, “Even though I don’t have the facts to prove it, I believe that Putin wanted to lift the sanctions. He’s always wanted to lift these sanctions that were placed on him because of his interfering with and incursion into Crimea and so I believed that they wanted to elect President Trump and Trump I believe agreed, I will always believe this, that he agreed that if he got elected he would lift those sanctions.”

“He would like to do it; he’s not been able to do it, but when they talk about, ‘we just making things up’ and he talks about this as a ‘witch-hunt,’ there are too many facts,” she continued.

“This president will not condemn Putin for hacking into the Democratic National Committee, will not condemn him for hacking into our election system, these are facts, 17 of our intelligence agencies have said this,” Waters said confidently...even though it’s false.

“Are these Patriots or not? I mean what do they think about our democracy being undermined by the President of the United States of America?” she questioned.

“If they want to say we just don’t like him, they don’t really care about what happens to this democracy, don’t have an appreciation for the Constitution and the fact that the Constitution gives us the responsibility to impeach when we see this president or any president who is not good for the country, who’s undermining our country, who’s putting us in danger, who’s aligning himself with a foreign country to interfere in our election,” Waters concluded. “Those are facts.”

There you have it. Democrats will literally push theories as fact, but then admit that they don’t have the evidence to prove it.

Might remind you of a certain current situation called impeachment! The exact same thing is going on there as well.