Auntie Maxine: Trump is ‘Dishonorable Human Who Deserves to be Impeached’

Democrats absolutely hate the president because they cannot control him. They slander him and attack him relentlessly.

On Sunday, while appearing on MSNBC’s “Kasie DC,” congresswoman  Maxine Waters called the president a “dishonorable human being” and spoke about her push for him to be impeached.   She added that she is “proud of the fact” that she has been leading the “discussion” on impeachment.

“I started to pay attention to this president when he was running in the primary election,” Waters said. “The way he treated his own colleagues, the name-calling, the business of talking about grabbing women by their private parts, the fact that he obviously paid hush money to Cohen, his lawyer, to give to Stormy Daniels, to try to keep her quiet.”

”These are things that you just don’t expect a President of the United States of America to be about.” She continued, “He defined himself pretty clearly. In addition to that, this is a president who has shown he has no respect for the Constitution. He doesn’t care about the democracy. He has embraced Putin. Putin is responsible for hacking into the Democratic National Committee and undermining our processes for election, undermining our democracy.”

“[Y]es, I saw this. Other people saw this. They kept saying, but he will become presidential. No, that’s his character. He would never become presidential. He’s a dishonorable human being who deserved to be impeached, and I wished we had done it earlier,” Waters said, adding that the whistle blower is a “patriot.”

“[T]hank God for the whistleblower, who is a patriot, who said that he was going to share the information because Americans need to know what this president has done. So, I feel proud of the fact that I opened the discussion, that I led the discussion, that I tried to get others to join me,” she added.