GOP Rep to Dems Threatening Impeachment Vote: 'I Double Dog Dare You'

Are you tired of hearing Democrats whine and cry and threaten the impeachment of President Trump? So is the GOP! In fact, on House Republican is so fed up with hearing it that he "double dog dared" Democrats to put it to a vote on Thursday!

California Congressman Tom McClintock said that he's sick of Democrats dancing around whether they actually want to pursue impeachment. He said that they simply want the "illusion of impeachment without the reality."

“If the majority wants to exercise the House’s power of impeachment, all you got to do is ask the House to do so all you have to do is ask the House that it direct and authorize this committee to conduct an impeachment inquiry. That’s all you have to do," McClintock said.

“Resolve that the House authorizes the Judiciary Committee to conduct an inquiry into the impeachment of the president. It’s that simple." He continued, "I dare you to do it. In fact, I double dog dare you to do it. Have the House vote on those 18 words and then go at it. Why won't you do that?"

Fox News reports: 

House Democrats took a big step in their impeachment push as they set the ground rules for a formal committee inquiry.

The committee voted 24-17 to define the rules for future committee impeachment hearings. While the committee is not writing articles of impeachment and nothing is going to the floor of the House right now, the session still holds political consequences for both sides of the aisle.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said, "The resolution before us represents the necessary next step in our investigation of corruption, obstruction, and abuse of power." He added that the panel is “engaged in an investigation as to whether to launch an impeachment investigation into President Trump."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has long expressed her skepticism about impeachment, urging Democrats to zero in on issues such as climate change, health care and the economy instead. Last month she was heckled by unhappy protesters at a dinner in San Francisco.

However, Pelosi told Fox News that she does support Nadler. “I think you should characterize it for what it is, it’s a continuation of what we have been doing,” she added,  “You know we all work together on these things.”