Ben Carson: I Don't Think I'm a Redneck

Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has fired back at Bill Clinton. Clinton stereotyped all of Donald Trump's supporters as rednecks. This happened at a campaign event in Florida on Tuesday.

Bill Clinton said that the Trump supporters that Mr. Trump's base is "what I grew up in." While his wasn't your typical stance at a rally, Clinton continued to elaborate.

“You know, I’m basically your standard redneck,” Clinton said. “I was the first person who ever went to college in my family.”

Ben Carson, being a Detroit-born neurosurgeon, does not agree with Mr. Clinton's statement.

“I know a lot of people who are not rednecks who are ardent Trump supporters, including yours truly. I don’t think I’m a redneck,” Carson said on Wednesday morning on Fox News.

Mr. Carson continued in support of Donald Trump, while many others have bailed on him.

“Mr. Trump loves our country and wants it to be successful. So that’s why I’m sticking by him. Plus, I recognize that the alternative is the continuation down the secular progressive pathway and America won’t be what it was meant to be, and I think that’s terrible.”

Ben Carson Continues to Back Trump

ben carson backs donald trump


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  1. laurencekirkgolf

    Blending the name calling of Bill and Hillary Clinton, supporters of Donald Trump are now referred to as ” Deplorable Rednecks”, at least I can vote for Donald with a clear conscience.