Bernie Sanders Vows to Reveal Info on Aliens if Elected President

While appearing on the Joe Rogan podcast, Bernie Sanders vowed to reveal information on aliens and unidentified flying objects if he wins 2020.

Appearing on Rogan's podcast was a huge boon for Sanders, who is one of the leading 2020 Democrats. Sanders said his wife would "demand" that he let the people in on the information surrounding UFOs and aliens.

“Well I tell you, my wife would demand I let you know," Sanders told Rogan when asked if he would be willing to reveal that information.

Rogan then asked if Bernie's wife is a UFO nut. Sanders responded that she's not, but he did say that she did question him on what kind of information he had as a senator.

“No, she’s not a UFO nut. She goes, Bernie, ‘What is going on do you know? Do you have any access?’"

Per Fox News:

His comments came amid months of renewed attention given to the issue. The Defense Department reportedly briefed Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Mark Warner, D-Va., in June, along with two other senators as part of what appeared to be heightened efforts to inform politicians about naval encounters with unidentified aircraft.

Warner's spokesperson indicated that the senator sought to probe safety concerns surrounding "unexplained interference" naval pilots faced, according to Politico. The outlet reported more briefings were being requested as news surfaced that the Navy revised its procedures for personnel reporting on unusual aircraft sightings.

As part of a program investigating the issue, Navy personnel reportedly told Pentagon officials that they encountered aircraft that appeared to defy the laws of physics and aerodynamics while in military airspace.

Navy strike group pilots also reported seeing strange objects flying above 30,000 feet at hypersonic speeds with no visible engine or infrared exhaust fumes, according to the New York Times.

President Trump has said that he doesn't believe UFO's exist but is open to the idea. "Well, I don't want to really get into it too much.  But personally, I tend to doubt it," he previously told Fox News host Tucker Carlson. "I'm not a believer, but you know, I guess anything is possible."

Say what you want about Bernie Sanders, but the guy is a marketing genius. Going on a show like the Joe Rogan Experience puts him in front of so many people. According to Rain News, the Joe Rogan Experience was the No. 2 podcast in the world in 2018.

Would President Trump ever go on the Joe Rogan Experience? Well at this point he doesn't have to. A younger Trump appeared on the Howard Stern Show many times. With him already in office he doesn't have to take risks like this, but he has show to not be risk averse in the past.

Stern even claimed that President Trump asked him to speak at the RNC.

Media has changed and there are now different ways to reach the masses and Bernie Sanders realizes this. Tulsi Gabbard also appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience. To get in front of the young audience politicians will need to exercise different mass media options.