Biden: 'I Love Kids Jumping on My Lap'

We didn't think it could get worse than Corn Pop for former vice-president Joe Biden, but he proved us wrong. A video resurfaced  from 2017 of Biden bragging at an event about children playing with his "wet leg hair" when he was a lifeguard.

Biden attended a ceremony renaming the community pool in his honor shortly after his vice presidency ended. However, when he began sharing stories from his youth days there, it got weird.

“By the way, you know, I sit on the stand, and it get[s] hot,” Biden started, “I got a lot, I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun, and the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and then watch the hair come back up again. They’d look at it.”

“And I’ve loved kids jumping on my lap,” he said, and pointed at a child standing near him, “And I tell you what: the men are now all men. The guys I worked with down here, and they’re all guys at the time, they’re all good men."

He loved children jumping on his lap? Considering he already dons the nickname of "Creepy Uncle Joe," and is known for touching and speaking to women and children inappropriately, perhaps that is a story he should have kept to himself.

The video was posted by a local NBC affiliate, and just recently went viral again after people began sharing it on social media. Many user have openly commented on their disgust of his speech and how strange he really is.