Biden Thinks He Turned Out as Many Black Voters as Obama

Former Vice President Joe Biden suggested on Monday that he turned out as many black voters as former President Barack Obama in 2008 and in 2012. Bless his heart.

The 2020 presidential candidate said during an interview with Politico that he had a strong backing from African American Democrats and that's why he was "sent in". He believes that he has an "intimate bond" with voters, and that he was just as responsible for the black turnout as Obama.

When questioned about his relationship with Obama and why the former president is rumored to not back him, Biden simply responded that he didn't ask Obama for his support.

Sounds to me like he is just making an excuse. If Obama wanted to endorse Biden, then he wouldn't need him to ask for it. He would just do it.

“I was the one who was sent in,” Biden said, “And the reason was because all the polling and data showed that I had those relationships with the base of the Democratic Party as well as African-Americans. And so I did as many African-Americans events as Barack did.”

Breitbart reports:

In both his 1988 and 2008 presidential bids, Biden courted black American voters but each time was tripped up by his work with segregationist Democrats to oppose busing during the early portion of his career.

Most notably, during his failed 1988 bid, Biden drew criticism for lying about his civil rights activism and also for lecturing black leaders to move past busing. Both strategies backfired and only served to fuel black support for the candidacy of Jesse Jackson, a civil rights leader then making a second bid for the Democrat nomination.

Seems to me like Democrats are continuously being caught in their lies, huh? Then they tell more lies and make up more stories to combat the previous lies. It's a huge snowball effect.

More on Sleepy Joe:

Last month, during one of the Democratic debates, Biden claims that he "[came] out of the black community in terms of [his] support."

“One of the reasons I was picked to be vice president was because of my relationship, long-standing relationship with the black community,” he added, “I was part of that coalition.”