Bill Clinton Faith Healther 'John of God' Kept Teens as Sex Slaves and Sold Their Babies for up to £40,000

John of God, who happens to be a faith healer for Bill Clinton, sold babies for thousands and impregnated teenage slaves that he kept at his rural gem mines and farms in Brazil, according to an activist.

Joao Teixeira de Faria, 77, was arrested December 17 in rural Brazil on rape charges.

When Brazil's Globo TV network aired accusations from ten women of abuse by him, he became a wanted man.

Sabrina Bitten court is the activist who made the accusations that led to his arrest. She claims he had a disgusting "farming" operations where he exported babies to the black market.

While speaking with the Mirror, Bittencourt said that Faria shipped babies to at least three continents for as much as £40,000. He also lured teenage girls to his emerald mines and farms in Goias and Minas Gerais.

Girls between the ages of 14 and 18 were allegedly promised food by Faria. From there he would use them as sex slaves and they would be forced to have his children.

Bittencourt claims that once the girls gave birth to the babies, they would be sold for between £15,000 to £40,000 and after having the babies, the women would be murdered.

Bittencourt said, "Hundreds of girls were enslaved over years, lived on farms in Goias, served as wombs to get pregnant, for their babies to be sold.

"These girls were murdered after ten years of giving birth. We have got a number of testimonies."

Faria had a list of famous clients, including Bill Clinton. He achieved international fame after being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey.


Finally, Faria’s own daughter, Dalva Teixeira, came forward with shocking revelations that she, too, had been a victim.

In an explosive interview with Brazilian magazine Veja, she said that under the pretence of mystical treatments he abused and raped her between the ages of ten and 14.

She claimed he stopped after she became pregnant by one of his employees, after which her father beat her so severely that she suffered a miscarriage.

“My father is a monster,” she said.

What a disgusting man. It's a shame so many had to suffer before he was brought to justice.