Black Lives Don't Matter to 'Black Lives Matter' Rioters

The sad truth about the group Black Lives Matter is that they do not actually care about black lives. They just don't.

IF they truly did care about black lives, then they would not burn down and loot the businesses, many owned by black Americans, in the towns where they riot.

If they truly cared about black lives, they would not continue to murder black police officers. Or do their lives not count because their heart is beating behind a badge? Just since the riots started, following the death of George Floyd, we have seen multiple black officers murdered.

Just two examples: David Dorn and Patrick Underwood. Where is their justice? Did their lives not matter?

If BLM cared about black lives, then their trusty followers would not be threatening the lives of every black American who disagrees with their hate filled movement. I see it happen on a daily basis.

If BLM cared about black lives, they would protest in Chicago where the black on black crime and murders are THROUGH THE ROOF.

If BLM cared about black lives then they would march for the MILLIONS of innocent black babies who are aborted every single year. Does that not break your heart?

Do you know what the "Black Lives Matter" organization actually stands for? Here's a few pointers for you:

  1. Defunding police departments
  2. Race-based reparations
  3. Voting rights for illegal aliens
  4. An end to private education
  5. Universal income
  6. Black Power (which is racist)

Do you know who funds the group? None other than George Soros and other radical leftist donors! Do people who chant along with these radical Marxists even know what they are coming into agreement with? DO YOUR RESEARCH PEOPLE!

Instead of caring about black lives, BLM is out rioting and looting "in the name" of George Floyd. Make no mistake, this no longer has anything to do with Floyd. He would be ashamed of everything happening in the wake of his death.

Black Lives Matter only cares about a black life, if it is lost at the hands of a white person, especially if that person has on a badge.

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