WATCH: Trey Gowdy on Mueller Hearing - 'Unmitigated Disaster'

Many people wished that Trey Gowdy would have been in the room during the Robert Mueller debacle. A clearly confused Mueller was a disaster for the Democratic Party.

Gowdy, the former South Carolina congressman, explained that the expectations laid out for Mueller by the Democrats could never be reached.

Gowdy appeared on Fox News to talk about what a disaster this hearing was.

“I’ve been part of some dud congressional hearings myself,” Gowdy said. “ was just a disaster.”

“A train wreck. An unmitigated disaster,” Gowdy continued. “Expectations always outpace the reality with congressional hearings, but the disparity yesterday was pretty stark.”

Gowdy cracked a joke about Mueller not remembering which President named him as U.S. District Attorney for Massachusetts.

“It’s sad. I guess I can understand forgetting who made you the U.S. Attorney,” Gowdy wisecracked. “I mean sometimes I forget my kid’s names so, I can get that.”

How was Mueller so unaware of so many key aspects of the investigation?

Gowdy couldn't believe it:

What I don’t get is, you believed your mission was to investigate a foreign adversary’s attempts to undermine our election and you did all that with the Trump campaign. But here you have the DNC actually paying Russians for dirt on Donald Trump and you either don’t know the name of the company that the money was laundered through and you don’t know anything about Nellie Ohr and her husband being in the chain of custody, even though he was a DOJ official… that and struggling to find the word conspiracy, were two of the most troubling parts of yesterday.

This whole thing fell flat on its face. Before this went down Democrats were defending the honor of Mueller against Republicans. Now they can't believe they ever put any faith in this guy.

Gowdy said it best. "Unmitigated disaster."