Booker: I want to Beat Trump with Electoral Votes, Not Impeachment

On Thursday, Senator Cory Booker appeared on the broadcast of MSNBC’s “Live.” The 2020 presidential hopeful referred to himself as a “baller” who wants to beat President Donald Trump fair and square in the election rather than by removing him through impeachment.

MSNBC host Hallie Jackson said to Booker, “You talk about the importance of impartial jurors. You said the president was potentially violating the Constitution, acting more like a dictator, etc. Do you believe you have impartiality here?”

Booker responded, “Absolutely. At the end of the day, where my gut and heart wants, I can’t escape my history. I’m a baller.”

”When I used to play football when we went into Notre Dame,” he continued, “The last thing I wanted is for Notre Dame to be disqualified. I wanted to play them. I am looking forward to standing on a debate stage and looking down at Donald Trump and calling him out for who he is. I want to go into an electoral contest.”

”But, “ Booker added, “If he has violated his oath, if he has really sought to assault the Constitution, obstruct justice — he should be held accountable. I will sit as a juror and listen to the evidence and vote in accordance with the evidence.”

Let’s be honest, Booker doesn’t stand a chance at beating Trump in the 2020 election. However, I do applaud him for wanting to do things the fair way, and not cheat for a leg up on the competition.