Navarro: Republicans Under 'Cultish Spell" with Trump

On Friday, the newest broadcast of ABC's "The View" aired, with guest host Ana Navarro. During the show, they spoke about the partisan House vote to move forward with an impeachment inquiry on President Donald Trump. During the conversation, Navarro claims that Republicans are under some kind of "cultish spell."

While talking about the bipartisan vote that took place during former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, Abby Huntsman said, “I have spoken out about this from the beginning. I think it looks terrible, this call. If I’m Republican, I would have voted yes as well, but I do think this partisan divide is not a good look. You look back at 1998…but compared to when Clinton had the same vote … Clinton had 31 that voted in favor of the impeachment back in 1998.”

Huntsman added, “I think it’s bad for this country when you are starting out impeachment hearings down such partisan lines.”

Joy Behar replied, “What was the choice? He broke the law. He’s impeachable, high crimes and misdemeanors, it’s not my opinion, it’s in the constitution."

This is when Navarro chimed in, “I think we’re far more polarized today than they were under Clinton. And I think Democrats under Clinton were not under the cultish spell that Republicans seem to be under with Trump.”

That's it...that is single handedly the most absurd thing I've heard today.

Skip forward to 16:30 for the conversation on impeachment and "cultish spells":

To add icing to the cake, earlier in the episode, Behar played an ad that was put out by Republicans, which talked about the impeachment inquiry being a scam. After the clip played, she laughed and said, "they're all paid actors, just like the ones that go to his rallies."

I find that statement hilarious because I hav actually been to a few Trump rallies and I guarantee you that we show up to his rallies because we are actually excited to hear the president speak. We do not get paid to show up.

I have paid for tickets to see him, but I have never been paid for being part of the crowd. To suggest something like that is just ridiculous....almost as ridiculous as claiming that we are under a "spell" for supporting the president.