Booker Vows to Create Office to 'Fight White Supremacy'

Every time Senator Cory Booker opens his mouth, it's almost like Charlie Brown's teacher is talking because I can hear is: "Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah." Now that I think about it though, I think I would rather hear mindless droning than the idiocrisy that comes out of his mouth.

The Democrat presidential hopeful went to new lengths during Thursday's primary debates to show his willingness to stop white supremacy. He said, “Racism exists. The question isn’t who is racist, it’s who is and isn’t doing something about racism. This isn’t an issue that just started yesterday. It’s not just an issue that we hear a president that can’t condemn white supremacy.” Adding that he plans to combat the "problem of white supremacy."

"We know Donald Trump's a racist..." -Cory Booker

“We have systemic racism that is eroding our nation, our healthcare to the criminal justice system,” Booker continued. “We have a criminal justice system that is so racially biased. We have more African American under criminal supervision today than all the slaves in 1850.”

Cory Booker Says He'll Set Up White House Office to Deal With White Supremacy and Hate Crimes

'We have more African Americans under criminal supervision today than all the slaves in 1850' — Cory Booker promised to set up a White House office dedicated to tackling white supremacy and hate crimes

Posted by NowThis Politics on Thursday, September 12, 2019

“We have to come at this issue attacking systemic racism, having the courage to call it out, and having a plan to do something about it,” he added, “If I am president of the United States, I will create an office in the White House to deal with the problem of white supremacy and hate crimes and we will make sure that systemic racism is dealt with in substantive plans."

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Don't get me wrong, racism is wrong. White supremacy is wrong. Any kind of bias towards an entire race is wrong. However, I think we can all agree that it is laughable for Booker to claim he will create an entire office to combat it. Seriously? How exactly will you "combat" something like that?

Playing the race card is no longer enough. Now Cory Booker and many others on the left go straight past it and go for white supremacy.

Democrats continue to push racism and white supremacy as leading factors in their debates, but in reality, they play such a little roll in real life. How many people do you know who are actually racist? How many are white supremacists? Let liberals tell it, every single person who supports Trump are both of those terms. Yet, there are supporters of every race. Explain that one?