Booker’s Warning to GOP Senators: ‘History has its Eyes on Us’

During Sunday’s broadcast of “This Week,” Cory Booker guest starred and gave a warning for Republicans senators. He told them not to “cave to partisanship and tribalism” and added that history has its eyes on them regarding the impeachment trial for president Trump.

Booker said, “Look, I worry about this election coming up a lot. And the — I hear Republican arguments that, hey, let’s just let the next — the voters decide. It’s almost like saying that the Astros have cheated, and we’re going to decide whether to hold the Astros accountable by how they do in the next game.”

“Our democracy is under attack. It is under ongoing attack. We have a president that is cooperating or leveraging, working with foreign powers to try to undermine the fairness of an election,” he continued.

“We need to act. We need to act now,” the presidential hopeful added, “And all of us — and I know my senators. You just had a colleague that I am friends with, Richard Shelby. I know the goodness of this country, the decency of folks. This is a moment for us to get out of our partisan corners and to look at the long arc of history, and this incredible experiment with democracy that’s been going on for a couple of centuries plus right now.”

“History has its eyes on us,” Booker concluded, “How are we going to operate? We cannot cave to partisanship and tribalism that’s destroying our nation. In this moment, we’ve got to let our highest selves come through and sit in those seats and uphold the oath we all just swore last week and do right by our nation to ensure that this democracy endures.”

Sounds like mind games, if you ask me. He wants to intimidate them. However, I doubt it will work.