Canadian Disabled Man Euthanized After Government Officials Cut Funding For In-Home Care

A 41-year-old Canadian disabled man was euthanized after funding for his in-home care was cut by government health officials.

Sean Tagert was euthanized in Canada on August 6th.

Sean was suffering from ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

More on the story from Life News:

Canadian Sean Tagert, aged 41, was killed by assisted suicide after health officials decided to cut the funding for his in-home care hours.

Mr Tagert suffered from Motor Neurone Disease (MND) which is known in Canada as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). His illness reduced his ability to move his body, eat or speak, however his mental awareness remained unaffected. Doctors recommended 24-hour in-home care to support Mr Tagert.

However, Vancouver Coastal Health, initially only offered Mr Tagert 15.5 hours of care a day, which was then raised to 20 hours a day, meaning that Mr Tagert was forced to pay $263.50 a day for the remaining care that he needed to survive.

According to Grandin Media, on social media, Mr Tagert wrote a status which explained that two Vancouver Coastal Health officials visited his home and confirmed that they were cutting funding for his already inadequate care hours.

After receiving this news Mr Tagert wrote a number of devastating social media status’s which read: “So last Friday I officially submitted my medically assisted death paperwork, with lawyers and doctors, everything is in proper order. It’s been a month since I submitted my appeal to the Vancouver Coastal Health patient care quality department. They didn’t even respond….Welcome to the great Canadian healthcare system.”

Mr Tagert was killed by assisted suicide on August 6th.

I thought socialized medicine means everyone gets healthcare. Apparently that's not always the case.

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This is something that happens regularly with socialized medicine. It's not something the left likes to promote when they are hyping up their socialist agendas.