Celebrity Chef Says Popular McDonald's Sandwich Should Come With a Warning

Chef Curtis Stone, prepping for the Screen Actors Guild Awards menu in Los Angeles, suggests a "health warning" on McDonald’s Double Big Mac.

He spoke to Fox News about the importance of moderation with fast food. "You can eat fast-food once in a while," Stone mentioned.

He emphasizes the need for consumer awareness, noting fast food's high caloric content.

Stone believes in balanced eating. He advises against long periods without food to avoid binge eating. He recommends natural foods over processed ones. This weekend, Stone will cater to 900 guests at the SAG Awards. His dishes aim to be quick, tasty, and seasonal.

"You’ve got to make sure you keep things in balance. I think eating often throughout the day is important. I know there’s a lot of talk about fasting and that’s OK, that’s one way to do it, but I think actually checking in with yourself a few times, so you don’t ever get super starving because that’s when you go on that giant blowout. And eat what comes out of the ground, not what comes out of packets." 

"We have to cook a plate of food that is going to serve everybody really quickly, it’s got to be absolutely delicious, it’s got to be an expression of the season, so, lots of different considerations," he explained. 

Stone's setup for the event includes a mile-long table for efficient serving. The chef also hosts a video podcast, "Getting Grilled," featuring guests like Gavin Rossdale and Sebastian Maniscalco. He shares personal stories, including a humorous take on his delayed proposal to his wife, Lindsay Price.

Stone values fatherhood highly, despite its challenges. He considers it the best part of his life.