Hirono: Senators Who Vote Against Impeachment Witnesses are Aiding in Cover-Up

Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono appeared on Tuesday's broadcast of CNN's coverage of the long, drawn-out impeachment trial.

She accused any Republican Senator that votes against witnesses of being "complicit" in a cover-up to aid President Trump.

Hirono said, “Anytime I hear Mitch McConnell say they’re following the Clinton playbook, I want to say give me a break. This is a massive departure. During the Clinton impeachment, there had been a lot of witnesses, a lot of depositions taken, lots of evidence produced. None of which occurred in this instance, with President Trump stone-walling every request. So I’m shocked."

"You know, nothing that Mitch McConnell does to speed up this trial and make it harder for the process to be fair surprises me anymore," she continued,  “My expectation is to not even allow what came through on the House side with their impeachment process as part of the record is really, once again, you know, an effort to stonewall this whole process and Mitch McConnell and the president are on the same page on this."

"Ihis is a president who just needs to be adulated at all times. He had his supporters who are very noisy about it, he wants them to continue to be noisy on his behalf. At the same time, I doubt very much they’ll be focusing on what he actually did. That’s what this impeachment trial is all about. He shook down the president of another country for his own political purposes. And used almost $400 million taxpayer money as a bribe. I doubt very much his house cheerleaders will be focusing on that. They’ll be focusing on everything else. So this trial as far as the president and Mitch McConnell views it as a one of distraction and if it can,” Hirono stated.

"It is a huge cover-up," Hirono added. "And Mitch wouldn’t be bringing this resolution to the floor if he didn’t have the caucus, his own caucus behind him. So all of the Republicans are going to vote for this kind of a truncated unfair process is pretty much complicit, and I would say in the cover-up.”

Funny isn't it? Democrats make up allegations on false information, which they also made up, to impeach a president they don't like because he doesn't allow them to get away with their normal corruption. Then, they have the audacity to accuse other lawmakers of aiding in a cover-up if they side with Trump.

I am actually in awe of how far they have been willing to run with their lies and deception.