Chinese Media: Biden Admin will Prevent U.S. Allies from Confronting Beijing

According to an official China state media outlet, a Joe Biden administration will intercede for Beijing, and stop U.S. allies from criticizing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The op-ed notes the lack of reaction from Biden regarding China's excoriation of long-term U.S. allies, such as Australia. Global Times states that Biden's silence shows his compliance because “there is no legitimate reason for Biden to back up Australia’s condemnation against China.”

It reads:

Many observers tend to believe that the Biden administration will to some extent ease tensions with China in the future. If so, Australia, the current anti-China pioneer, will very likely find itself in a predicament while laying bare its strategic misjudgments. If Biden adjusts US’ China policy, this will force Canberra to reflect and change its previous calculations with Beijing.


Unlike Trump’s team with Pompeo, the Biden administration will not expect Australia to treat China in a radical manner with brinksmanship actions that undercut the economy of everyday Aussies.

Biden will surely hope U.S.’ allies, including Australia, to keep pace with the U.S. in general and coordinate closely with U.S. strategies.

It is concerning just how nervous China is about Australia, and how eager they are to see a Joe Biden presidency.

Breitbart reports:

From increased Chinese military activity in the Indo-Pacific region to the global spread of the coronavirus and China’s refusal to close or police its regional “wet markets,” the Australian government has been pressing Beijing hard.

Australia was also the first country to block China’s Huawei telecom giant from supplying equipment for its 5G network while Australian warships have been working with the U.S. Navy to curb Chinese aggression in contested waters.

China’s reponse has been to threaten Australia’s trade interests while portraying Canberra as unblinking lackeys of the U.S. in the Pacific, even going to the extent of manufacturing images of alleged war crimes by Australian soldiers on foreign battlefields.

China sees an end coming soon to an outspoken Australia in the Asia Pacific, as the Global Times notes.

It foresees a time when “tensions with China will be welcome to serve U.S. interests,” with Joe Biden as president.

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