Chinese State Media: China will Overtake U.S. Soon, Unless ‘Cold War’ is Started

China is gunning for economic supremacy, and they are thrilled that the United States has been so crippled by the coronavirus. Although that it largely due to Democratic leaders who continue to keep cities and businesses shut down.

On Sunday, China’s state-run Global Times stated that China will become the top dominant world power soon, unless the United States starts a “Cold War” with them. 

The news outlet cited a report by the Center for Economics and Business Research in the United Kingdom, which declared that China did suffer from the pandemic but the United States suffered much more and would need more time to rebuild its economy.

Therefore, Chinese editorialists imply that although China is being made to seem weaker than they really are, they will take over as the largest economy in the world by 2028.

Especially during the 2020s when China strives to develop its economy, the US is bound to invest a lot of energy into obstructing this process. Jeopardizing China’s development will become an inherent US strategy in the future, which will add to the cost of China’s development.

So first of all, we should not be led by the nose by Western predictions that China’s GDP will surpass the US’ GDP faster than expected. We should not easily believe China’s economic growth will be smooth and underestimate the economic risks. China has a tough road ahead to walk if it wants to transform into a quality-centered economy. For instance, it is never easy to make technological breakthroughs. We should have the courage to face setbacks but remain resolute. 

Second, we must stay strategically humble and cautious. Certain elites in the US and the West hope for a “decisive” strategic confrontation between China and the US. China should avoid such confrontations in the next few decades to drag down their machinations. The US system determines that it is hard to harness social mobilization to comprehensively confront another major country. As long as China does not provide any chances for the US, then the latter cannot unilaterally close the door for bilateral cooperation.

“As long as China and the U.S. remain peaceful and do not go into a cold war, given China’s development potential, China’s economic development will continue to grow faster than that of the U.S. for a long time in the future. That is what U.S. right-wing elites fear the most,” the Global Times added. 

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