CNN Still Pushing Fake Anti-Muslim Crime Wave Inspired by Trump

CNN is hard at work to throw dirt on the Trump team. It's hard to believe, but CNN still pushing fake anti-Muslim crime wave inspired by Trump.

CNN Still Pushing Fake Anti-Muslim Crime Wave

Saturday night CNN published an article that documented some anti-Muslim crime. Many of them were unconfirmed. One of the stories has already been revealed as a hoax. The story involved a Muslim woman who had been robbed. She just so happened to be able to identify the robbers as Trump supporters. On Tuesday, the woman admitted that she made the entire story up.

The woman who created the story attends the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. As the woman told the story, two white men (one wearing a Trump hat), attacked her. Not only did they attack her but they stole her hijab and wallet. Additionally, they threw her to the ground while shouting racial slurs at her. A story that would certainly sling a ton of dirt on the Trump supporters.

Later on she told police that she fabricated the entire story.

This is something that will be interesting to follow. Can CNN continue to press the issue on creating an anti-Trump movement? There is a big responsibility for the media to report honestly and not push fake stories so they can further their agenda.

CNN Still Pushing Fake Anti-Muslim Crime Wave