CNN's Martin Savidge Travels to Democratic Stronghold of Minnesota and Gets Dealt Shocking News

Martin Savidge of CNN traveled to the Iron Range area of Minnesota which is near Lake Superior. Historically this area is a Democratic stronghold. Well, things have changed here.

People in this area are voting for President Trump. Miners and working families are making this a pro-Trump area.

Middle America is scared to death when it comes to how far left the Democrats are pushing along with their socialist promises.

Martin Savidge Reports on a Surprising Pro-Trump Region of Minnesota

The miners were put out of work. President Trump brought their jobs back.

One of the Democratic voters exclaimed, "He's our guy."

What's hard to believe about this story is the fact that CNN reported on it. It's well known that outside of the most liberal places in the country, most of the country is pro-Trump.

Martin Savidge isn't the first person to break this news. Trump supporters come in all colors, shapes and sizes.

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The left can blast out the fake polls on how every Democratic candidate will defeat President Trump. They actually tried the same move four years ago and we all know how that story ended.