College Threatens to Revoke Acceptance Over Student's Pro-Trump TikTok Videos

Marquette University is reportedly threatening to revoke the acceptance of a student over her conservative TikTok videos that express support for President Donald Trump. However, after a period of uncertainty and hassle, the college told her that they will not rescind her admission.

College Fix reports that incoming freshman Samantha Pfefferle was harassed for her conservative social media posts, and almost lost her spot at the university despite the fact that she'd already paid housing.

The post that went viral and sparked the fire is one featuring the song “GOOBA” by 6ix9ine,  and had the title: “When the libs find their way to your page.”

“They try to hate on me…and think I’ll change my views,” Pfefferle wrote in the video caption.

Breitbart reports:

Pfefferle claims that Brian Troyer, dean of admissions at Marquette University, contacted her after her video went viral. Pfefferle claims that Troyer told her admissions status was “in limbo” before asking her about her stance on DACA recipients.

“[He] had the heart to tell me I wasn’t a student,” she said. “This means that my classification is still in limbo and is currently being decided by the administration. I have been accepted, I paid for my housing, I have my roommates, I even have a complete class schedule. If that doesn’t make me a student, what does?”

@conservativegirl0When the libs find their way to your page??##trump ##trump2020 ##republicanhypehouse ##republicans

♬ GOOBA - 6ix9ine

“They also asked me hypothetical questions regarding Dreamers,” Pfefferle added. “How would I respond if a Dreamer who lived down the hall from me came up to me and told me she didn’t feel safe or comfortable with my views and me being on campus. They also asked me if they thought there was anything I could do to improve my image on campus. They proceeded to ask if I was comfortable with the reputation I have established for myself. The assistant dean asked if I put any thought into the response I would be getting from my videos.”

On Monday, however, the university contacted Pfefferle to inform her that her admission had not been revoked. As of now, Pfefferle is urging Marquette to address the harassment she has received in response to the video.

Students shared an email template which called on the university to revoke Pfefferle’s admission. The email argued that Pfefferle’s support of President Trump on social media contradicted Marquette’s “core values.”

"Ms. Pfefferle has been very vocal on social media (TikTok, Instagram) about how she is enthusiastic about coming to Marquette in the Fall. As a Marquette student who is passionate for the University’s core values, such as Cura Personalis, and recognizing everyone’s human dignity, these transphobic, racist, and xenophobic comments should not be tolerated," the email read.

Pfefferle also claims that she has received death threats, such as one commenter who wrote, “I hope you get shot."

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