Comedian and Actor Admits to Being an Addiction and is Turning His Life Around: 'So, I'm an Alcoholic'

Tracy Morgan, a comedian from "Saturday Night Live," talked about his struggle with alcohol addiction during a December episode of Kitchen Talk.

During the episode, Morgan shared his experience with alcoholism and his journey toward recovery. He explained that as a famous and funny person, he often found himself being offered drinks whenever he went to clubs, with people thinking that being drunk would make him funnier. However, Morgan pointed out that being drunk has nothing to do with one's sense of humor.

As a successful comedian known for his roles on "Saturday Night Live" and "30 Rock," Morgan has had a lot of experience in the world of comedy. However, he acknowledged that his struggles with alcohol have caused him serious problems and have put him in difficult situations.

“You’re not even focused when you’re inebriated,” Morgan said.

Morgan accepted full responsibility for his addiction, stating that he had received two DUIs in one year as a result of his drinking. He expressed gratitude that he did not suffer any serious physical consequences, did not cause harm to anyone else, and did not go to jail.

Morgan, who is 54 years old, declared himself an advocate against alcoholism. He stated that by acknowledging and admitting his alcoholism, he is able to maintain control over his addiction and avoid falling back into destructive patterns.

Morgan told fans it's been 25 years since he's had a drink.

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