Content Creator Claims 'McDonald's Hack' Got Him '100 Free Meals'

A TikTok video went viral, showcasing an interview with a man boasting about getting "unlimited free McDonald's" through a hack. Ben The Arbitrage King, known for his large following, shared the video in September 2023. It quickly gained over 128,000 likes.

McDonald's, with a vast loyal customer base, is often the subject of hacks and bargains. Ben uploaded this intriguing video on TikTok under the username @arbkinguk, catching the attention of many.

The hack, as explained by Ben's guest Gage, starts with purchasing McDonald's food and using the receipt to submit feedback. This feedback section, dubbed "food for thought," offers a chance to share experiences in exchange for vouchers.

One customer exploited this by submitting negative reviews written by ChatGPT, resulting in multiple free vouchers. Gage, claiming to be a millionaire, detailed the process: criticize harshly using AI-generated complaints, submit, and wait for the vouchers via email.


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Gage has been employing this strategy since the year's start, but his local McDonald's caught on, refusing him vouchers and urging positive reviews from others. He defends his method as harmless since it avoids naming individuals or leaving public Google reviews.

However, some TikTok users disagree, highlighting the real impact on employees and the store's morale. Comments from McDonald's workers reveal that corporate does read these reviews, which could endanger jobs. Others pointed out the emotional and financial toll on staff, criticizing the hack as unethical.

Despite the controversy, many note that McDonald's offers vouchers for any review, suggesting a less harmful way to receive benefits. This debate underscores the ethical considerations of exploiting such "hacks" at the expense of employees and businesses.