CDC Gives Americans Whiplash, Reverses Course to Demand Vaccinated Wear Masks

I bet vaccinated Americans are starting to feel pretty played right about now. Despite following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations and being vaccinated against COVID19 in return for their lives to go back to "normal," they are now being told that they should wear masks again indoors and under certain certain circumstances.

If the vaccine works, then the mask isn't needed. Right? I mean, that is the story that we were told. Get vaccinated and life will go back to normal, without masks. Yet folks got vaccinated and dang near got whiplash at how fast the course was reversed.

New York Times reports, “As recently as last week, an agency spokesman said that the C.D.C. had no plans to change its guidance, unless there were a significant change in the science.”

“Federal officials met on Sunday night to review new evidence that may have prompted the reversal,” the report continued. “The new guidance would mark a sharp turnabout from the agency’s position since May that vaccinated people do not need to wear masks in most indoor spaces.”

Breitbart reports:

Already some areas of America are bringing back coronavirus protocols, such as Palm Beach, Florida, which has mandated masks and social distancing measures even though 100 percent of residents ages 16 and older are vaccinated.

“People who are vaccinated can be infected with the coronavirus, particularly with the Delta variant,” Council President Maggie Zeidman stated. “The viral load with the Delta variant is much higher. That means that everybody is susceptible. People who are vaccinated now need to mask up, so everybody has to wear a mask.”

Town Manager Kirk Blouin explained the reoccurring measures will “remain in effect until the town deems it safe to relax mitigation efforts,” while the police have been “authorized to issue trespass warnings and remove any individuals not in compliance with the policy.”

If you give the government an inch, they will take a mile....and you will not get ANY of it back. I tried to tell people that in the beginning but I was just a "conspiracy theorist" back then.

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