Costco Shoppers Are Divided Over the Big Change to Its Massively Popular Rotisserie Chicken

Costco and rotisserie chicken are practically one and the same. The store's chicken has become incredibly popular, despite once being criticized for a chemical taste. Recently, Costco announced a significant change to their beloved product, causing quite a stir among consumers.

Costco has confirmed that it will switch the packaging of its rotisserie chicken from a hard plastic shell to a plastic bag. This decision comes after weeks of speculation and online rumors.

The reaction to the new packaging was swift on social media, with people listing both benefits and drawbacks. A significant concern raised is the bag's tendency to leak, as discussed extensively on a Reddit thread.

One Reddit user shared a photo of leak-stained steel counters caused by the new bags. Another user complained about the bag being "super greasy" when handled.

However, some Canadian customers have reported no issues with the bags, suggesting the problem could be resolved. "We have had these bags in Canada forever, and somehow the world still turns... Also, for what it’s worth I’ve literally never seen any of the shelves with stains like this. So likely whatever the issue is can be fixed. It’s working for us, you can do it too," a user commented.

Another Reddit discussion highlighted the benefits of the new design. Users noted that the bags make it easier to transport the chicken in a car without spills.

One benefit of the bag is its reduced plastic usage, making it a more environmentally friendly option that is also easier to carry.

As changes take place, the debate continues: what's your take on Costco's new chicken packaging?