Democrat 2020 Hopeful Julian Castro Applauds Nike for Pulling American Flag Shoes

The Dems will go to any length to defend social justice warriors like Colin Kaepernick. Democrat 2020 hopeful Julian Castro applauds Nike for pulling the Betsy Ross shoes which featured the American flag.

They are really willing to go this far.

While speaking with CSN, Castro said he was "glad to see" that Nike pulled the Betsy Ross sneakers featuring the American flag.

It appears the left is following the lead of social justice warrior, American hating Colin Kaepernick. Of course this is resulting in a lot of people boycotting Nike.

Count Ted Cruz among one of those Americans who will no longer supporting Nike. The Texas Senator announced that he supports free speach and he is utilizing his. He also joined in the #WalkAwayFromNike trend on Twitter.