NBC Sunday Night Football Ratings Crash 39%, Lowest in Two Years

The NFL has really shot themselves in the foot. In allowing cop-hating, American flag burning, National Anthem kneeling crybabies run the program, they have lost the people that matter the most: their fans.

The fans are the ones who pay those bills when they tune into games. However, Americans have taken a bold stance and turned away from football since they cannot even honor our flag and troops.

Sunday Night Football ratings have plummeted the worst than they have in two years, and there is no relief in sight.

According to Sports Media Watch:

NBC’s Sunday Night Football posted the biggest decline of the weekend, with Eagles-49ers down 39% in ratings (to 8.4) and 37% in viewership (to 15.08M). Keep in mind that last year’s comparable Cowboys-Saints game — NBC’s highest rated and most-watched of the season — faced extremely limited competition. The top competing sportscast, an 8 PM ET SportsCenter on ESPN, averaged 317,000. By contrast, this year’s game faced an NBA Finals game that averaged nearly six million viewers.

Philadelphia’s win posted the lowest Sunday Night Football rating since Week 8 in 2018 (Saints-Vikings: 8.3), but the smallest audience in less than a year — since Week 6 of last season (Steelers-Chargers: 14.89M).

Even the NBA is struggling. Game 3 of the NBA Finals is the lowest rated Finals game in all of  NBA history.

I say good. Maybe when they get back up off their knees, their views will return.

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