Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema Told to 'Watch Your *ss" After Applauding Economic Success Under Trump

In another case of party over country, Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona was told to "watch your *ass" after applauding the success under the Trump administration. There wasn't much that the Democratic Party clapped about, but in this instance when Sinema clapped, Senator Jacky Rosen of Nevada gave her a stern warning for doing so.

All she is doing is supporting America, but gets warned for it. 76 percent of people who watched the speech approved of it. 72 percent like what Trump said on immigration policy.

If you can't put the Democratic Party aside and cheer when mentions of success for the entire country are made, can you really have America's best interests at heart?

Sure, we're not experienced lip readers, but it seems to be the general consensus that she said "watch your *ss."

The only two people who know for sure are Rosen and Sinema. They have been asked on Twitter, but we are yet to get a response.