Parents Shocked After 4-Year-Old Found Exposed Razor in Happy Meal

This could serve as a reminder that it's important to check a child's meal before giving it to them to eat.

Scot Dymond of Columbia, Wisconsin purchased a Happy Meal for his 4-year-old son at McDonald's. Dymond didn't think much of just giving his son the meal to eat without checking it. This will be the last time he makes this move. Soon after, Dymond went to Facebook to express his disgust and concern after his son found an exposed razor blade in his Happy Meal and had been playing with it.

Exposed Razor in Happy Meal

Photo Credit: Scot Dymond - Facebook

When Dymond reached out to local authorities to try to figure out how this could possibly get in anyone's meal, they were informed that this type of situation is not uncommon at all.

Per Yahoo:

“[It’s] kinda scary, kinda scary. I understand the blade was also extended when it was found in the box as well,” he told the local Wisconsin outlet. “I don’t think anyone had ill intent.”

He went on to say that the manager confirmed that the tool is used for cleaning at the restaurant and probably fell off a shelf into the bag.

The father’s comments on his Facebook post alleged that the store’s manager also told the police, “It happens,” and admitted that a similar incident took place just three months ago. However, Weiner told WISC-TV that the police department has never received a report about it.

The owner and operator of the specific McDonald’s location, Dion Conn, told Yahoo Lifestyle, “The safety and security of our customers is a top priority. We are working with local law enforcement to investigate this claim.”

Some fast food employees are demanding $15 an hour.

This is completely inexcusable. Of all items to turn up in a Happy Meal, a razor blade? Luckily this did not end up in a complete disaster with an exposed razor in the hands of a four-year old.