Democrats are Losing Patience With 'Complete Fraud' AOC, Back Pelosi

House Democrats are losing patience with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They are tired of her constant battling with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as well as other members who have served a long time. Many are suggesting that Speaker Pelosi's dismissive comments toward AOC are representative of a larger portion of the caucus.

“She is a complete fraud,” one senior Democratic source said to Fox News Friday, summing up the frustration of many.

Many were irked when Ocasio-Cortez said that Pelosi is particularly disrespectful to minority congresswomen. One of the black, Democrat senior lawmakers was particularly irritated with Ocasio-Cortez for playing the race card, calling the comments "so inappropriate."

“Her peers do not take her seriously,” the senior Democratic source said to Fox News Friday before adding: “They think it is absurd to call the speaker racist. Offensive and absurd.”

“She is a nobody. She is a freshman member of Congress with no power. She is not worth the speaker’s brainpower,” the source continued -- accusing her of starting "needless distractions from serious issues," and skipping meetings and conference calls in favor of media interviews, tweets and "glamour."

Even President Trump, who has battled Pelosi many times, sided with her when Ocasio-Cortez called Pelosi racist. He called AOC disrespectful and clarified that Pelosi is  not a racist.

Then there are the "Justice Democrats" who Ocasio-Cortez has aligned with. The source also told Fox News, "No one is afraid of those nerds," referring to the Justice Democrats.