Democrats Targeting Logan Paul and His Massively Popular Energy Drink

Today, as on any given day, it seems that the government is exploring new methods to have a greater influence on your everyday existence.

Take for instance the latest instance involving Democratic Senator from New York, Chuck Schumer. The seasoned politician is urging the FDA to probe into the Prime energy drink, a popular product of Logan Paul - a Youtuber turned wrestler. Schumer's concern is rooted in the potential health risks this drink might pose to teenagers.

Indeed, it appears that the responsibility of safeguarding children is shifting away from parents, and is being taken up by the government itself. Surely, the all-knowing US government has everything under control. What could possibly go awry?

Paul's Prime drink has seen a remarkable surge in popularity recently, propelled by a well-orchestrated TikTok campaign. The drink, although elusive, has become a coveted item amongst Generation Z.

The beverage comes in three distinct variations - two are marketed as "post-workout recovery" drinks, claimed by the company to help consumers "refresh, replenish, and refuel." The third variant is labeled Prime Energy - a drink Senator Schumer suspects contains an excessive amount of caffeine. As is the typical course of action for a politician, Schumer is now advocating for an investigation into the matter.

Each 12 oz. can of Prime Energy drink contains 200mg of caffeine, which is roughly the caffeine content of two Red Bull drinks, albeit Red Bull cans are smaller. Is this a significant amount? Indeed, it is. However, should the government step in and potentially disrupt the operation as it often does? Certainly not.

What makes Schumer's argument appear less persuasive is the fact that Prime openly states on each can that they "do not recommend for anyone under the age of 18." So, it's not as if they are concealing the high caffeine content of the beverage - after all, it is billed as an energy drink!

In a statement, Prime asserted that their Energy drink is "within the legal limit of the countries it’s sold in" and that it has "complied" with all FDA guidelines. They also pointed out that their caffeine levels are comparable to those of their competitors. But such regulations apparently don't suffice for Schumer, who advocates for the government to be the ultimate authority instead of parents.

One can't help but wonder if Schumer's dissatisfaction stems from missing out on the opportunity to invest in Prime when it initially hit the market. In under a year, Logan Paul and his co-founder, a known boxing figure, have already generated more than $250 million.

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