Donnie Wahlberg Reveals Romantic Bedtime Tradition He Has With Wife Jenny McCarthy

Donnie Wahlberg recently shared how he and his wife, Jenny McCarthy, manage to stay close despite their busy schedules.

"I’m away most of the year working. She goes to L.A. to film ‘The Masked Singer.’ I go to New York to film ‘Blue Bloods,’ we live in Illinois, but we now have the luxury of being able to sleep together when we’re apart," Wahlberg explained on "The Drew Barrymore Show."

The couple uses FaceTime to maintain their connection. "The one who goes to bed first calls the other," Wahlberg said. "We spend the whole night together when we’re not together."

He emphasized that their nightly FaceTime sessions aren't about insecurity. "We love to do this," he clarified, and Drew Barrymore responded positively to their use of technology.

Barrymore even praised the approach. "You're the first person making me think technology is a good thing."

Wahlberg expressed his affection for his wife and the technology that keeps them connected. "I love my wife. It’s good, it’s great," he said. "It’s like, ‘Why not?’"

He further explained the practicality of their arrangement. "We’re going to miss each other. Why wake up saying, ‘God, I missed you. I woke up at three in the morning?' I tell her, ‘If you wake up at three in the morning, can’t sleep, just tap me on the shoulder through the phone, and I’ll wake up and hang out with you.'"

During the filming of "Blue Bloods," McCarthy becomes an unofficial part of the cast. "The phone is always there and in between takes it’s like ‘Hi, honey,’ ‘Hi, honey,’ ‘hi,’ and we’re all, ‘Jenny!’ So she’s always there," said Wahlberg’s co-star Bridget Moynahan.

McCarthy shared her thoughts on maintaining a strong marriage with Fox News Digital. "Respecting each other, communicating with each other, being each other's friends. Finding date nights and doing the work."

She believes in continuous personal growth within the relationship. "Your partner is your best teacher. Anything you need to work on will come out in your relationship. We were both always willing and still willing to do the work when things come up."

The couple celebrates their commitment by renewing their vows annually on their anniversary.

Wahlberg and McCarthy, who were each previously married, tied the knot in August 2014. They blend their family with children from their previous marriages.