Legendary Rapper Reveals Why He Always Left Diddy's Parties Early

Uncle Luke, the legendary rap artist, confessed he often left Sean “Diddy” Combs' parties early. At 63, he opened up about Diddy's legal troubles, including allegations of sexual abuse and rape, some reportedly happening at his sex parties.

On the “We in Miami” podcast, Luke discussed attending Diddy's gatherings but making it a point to exit early. “I don’t know what goes on after hours, but I wasn’t trying to find out. You know, I know my place,” he stated in the podcast clip shared by TMZ.

In the video, Uncle Luke appeared visibly uncomfortable, shaking his head while discussing the topic.

He reminisced about Diddy inviting him to participate in a music video, hinting at an awareness of questionable activities. “I ain’t on every scene, you feel me?” Luke mentioned, suggesting he knew to keep his distance.

Luke clarified his stance on partying with Diddy, saying he rarely did and preferred to leave gatherings prematurely. “I’d go to the party and leave early … I’m sorry,” he added, avoiding details on his early departures.

Refusing to delve into the reasons for his early exits, Luke acknowledged Diddy's positive impact on him but expressed concern for Diddy's children amid the scandal.

Before the podcast aired, TMZ reported that Homeland Security raided Diddy’s estates in Los Angeles and Miami. Diddy now faces multiple civil lawsuits accusing him of sexual misconduct, including assault and sex trafficking.