Educators Join Campaign to Fight Facial Recognition at Colleges

Oof. Big brother is doing the most! There is a surge in institutions looking to use facial recognition technology on college campuses. However, faculty members are saying "NO WAY!"

More than 150 teachers and faculty members have already signed a campaign that opposes the uses of such technology, which scans the faces of individuals in order to identify them. They published a letter online on Thursday that really pushes colleges to ban the practice because of bias and civil rights concerns.

Their piece reads, written current and former educators, "We believe it is our duty to protect our campuses as learning environments where our students, fellow staff, and community members are safe, and that the constant surveillance of facial recognition threatens our human rights and privacy."

"Students should not have to trade their right to safety and privacy for an education," the faculty said, which includes educators from Yale, Stanford, and Harvard.

The Hill reports:

The letter from educators is part of a wider campaign lead by Fight for the Future and college group Students for Sensible Drug Policy to block the controversial tech from colleges.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, a federal agency within the Department of Commerce, released an expansive study in December finding that the majority of facial recognition systems have “demographic differentials” that can worsen their accuracy based on a person’s age, gender or race.

Since the campaign launched in Thursday, more than 50 schools have pledged not to use the tech.

There are currently no federal law specifying when, how or where facial recognition technology can be used. Several bills have been introduced on the issue — including a federal moratorium — but none have gained significant traction.

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