Meghan McCain Slams MAGA ‘Sausage-Fest’ for ‘Shivving’ Liz Cheney

Meghan McCain went on a rant on Wednesday about Republican lawmakers who want to remove RINO Rep. Liz Cheney from her leadership role.

She described them as a “MAGA sausage-fest” and declared that they only want to remove her for “refusing to debase herself to Cheeto Jesus,” in reference to former President Donald Trump.

McCain said, “What’s going on is Liz Cheney, by the way, was already, by the way, voted in January to stay in her position and overwhelmingly had support to stay when they tried to oust her before. What’s happening is it’s clear. I’m going to be a little crass. They’re shivving her for her going on television multiple times and saying the election wasn’t stolen and refusing to debase herself to Cheeto Jesus.”

She continued, “I don’t understand what is going on. I’ve spent the last five years of my life trying to accept, understand and include the MAGA base of this party. The message that’s being sent by the highest member of Republicans in Congress is that women like me and Liz Cheney, who refuse to bend the knee to President Trump but still remain loyal Republicans, we don’t have a place in this party. We are worthless. We’re not worth fighting for to keep. I think it’s fakakta-esque to try and spin this in a way that this is anything else but her not supporting President Trump.”

McCain added, “The leadership in the party is doubling down that Trump is the future. Now, what happened when we are doubling down that Trump is the future? We lost four, count them four senate seats in the last election in red states, including my home state in Arizona. We lost a giant election Spectacularly. Midterms are coming up. President Biden is expanding the government in the way that’s the largest since LBJ. That’s what we should be focusing on. Instead, we’ll blood let the party from women like me, college-educated women that lost you the election in the first place. I don’t understand it. It’s the most asinine politics I’ve seen in a very long time in a cacophony of asinine politics. I feel very defensive of Liz Cheney."

She concluded, "If you do this, which it looks like they are going to do, I promise you there’s going to be consequences. Go ahead. Go ahead in this sausage fest of MAGA up on Capitol Hill. Pull her out and put another woman in who will do anything you want for President Trump. The election wasn’t stolen. He’s Jesus. It’s only Trumpism going forward. See where this lands us in midterms. I’m absolutely furious.”

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Reserve Your Free I Plead the Second Hat!

Dem Rep. Jayapal: ‘I’m Glad the FBI Is Raiding Giuliani’

On Wednesday, Democrat Representative Pramila Jayapal told CNN's Alisyn Camerota that she was pleased with the FBI's raid of former New York Mayor and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

“Well, going back to the first impeachment trial, Alisyn … we that knew Rudy Giuliani was a very important figure in everything that was happening,” she said about the FBI raiding his Manhattan apartment. “And so I’m not surprised by this. I think it’s an important development and we have to keep people accountable. I’m glad the FBI is doing what they’re doing.”

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Report: Hunter Biden to Teach 'Fake News' Class at Tulane University

Just when you think things couldn't possibly be anymore absurd than they already are, Hunter Biden is now set to guest teach a class on "fake news" and "media polarization" at Tulane University this fall.

The president's son does not have any media or professional teaching background, but I guess his ability to cook crack will suffice.

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Report: Athletes Barred from Wearing BLM Apparel at Summer Olympics

According to reports, athletes are banned from wearing Black Lives Matter apparel at the Summer Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee announced that BLM is banned from athlete's clothing. However, they are allowed to wear generic words such as "peace," "respect," solidarity," "inclusion," and "equality."

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RNC's McDaniel to GOP: 'Don't Get Comfortable About 2022'

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel warned the GOP on Tuesday that they should not get comfortable when it comes to taking back the House in 2022.

"I never want to get comfortable," she told Fox News'host Harris Faulkner. "I want everybody to work hard. We can take back the House. It is five seats away. Usually, it's 26 seats in a mid-term. Republicans have to show up. We have to be united. Let's remember what Joe Biden is doing to this country and not focus on our inner disputes. We have to work together if we'll win and take back the House in 2022."

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Melinda Gates Reveals Marriage to Bill Gates 'Irretrievably Broken'

Melinda Gates is divorcing Bill Gates after 27 years of marriage, and I can't say I blame her! I wouldn't want to be married to that evil man either.

In her divorce petition, Gates revealed that her marriage to Bill was "irretrievably broken." In addition, it does not sound like the pair have a prenup, therefore their assets will be divided up according to a separation agreement.

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Auntie Maxine Declares ‘Every Day This Nation Gets More Racist’

Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters declared in Saturday that America is getting more and more racist every day, during an interview with KTLA's "Inside California Politics" video.

When asked about Senator Tim Scott's speech, in which he stated that "America is not a racist country," Waters replied, “Well, you know I don’t know if he was counseled to say that or whether he really believes that.”

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CA Archbishop Suggests Pelosi And Biden Not Be Given Communion

A Califortnia archbishop from the hometown of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke out against her and President Joe Biden, suggesting that they should be denied communion for supporting abortion.

“If you find that you are unwilling or unable to abandon your advocacy for abortion, you should not come forward to receive Holy Communion,” saidArchbishop Salvatore Cordileone in a pastoral letter over the weekend.

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Bill and Melinda Gates File for Divorce, Foundation Future Unsure

Bill and Melinda Gates announced that they are getting divorced on Monday, ending their 27-year-marriage.

I can't say I blame Melina for wanting out. I wouldn't want to be married to a man who tries to control the earth's population while working to prevent meat consumption and forcing vaccines on innocent people in foreign countries.

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