Eli Manning Hilariously Roasts Brother Peyton After He Wins a Sports Emmy

If you've ever watched the ManningCast during Monday Night Football or any exchanges between Eli Manning and his older brother Peyton, you know Eli is a master of deadpan humor. There was no way Eli was gonna stand by after big bro's win.

Eli Manning shared a playful dig at his brother Peyton on Twitter after the latter, a Hall of Fame quarterback who played for the Broncos and Colts, won the 2023 Sports Emmy award for "Outstanding Personality/Event Analyst."

“I did not know you could win an Emmy for just telling fans when coaches should call timeout,” Eli playfully tweeted while ribbing his older brother.


If you watch the show and see how well the two work together then you may agree with me that both of them should have received the award. This happened last year when they won the “Outstanding Live Series,” trophy as a duo.

Here's some of Eli's magic when he pointed out a drunk fan in a Gumby outfit.

Then there was Manning's classic takedown of Bill Simmons when he tried to downplay the historic Super Bowl catch he was a part of.

What Makes the ManningCast Work?

Obviously, it's because it's two brothers being themselves, having fun. It's not overly produced and gives the two the freedom to be who they are. Despite ESPN's new booth of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, the ManningCast never fell below 1 million watchers.

Now that the Manning brothers have clinched another Sports Emmy, it's evident that ESPN and other networks will persist in pursuing similar alternative broadcasts. However, they should be warned - only a handful of individuals can pull off this format as effectively as the Manning brothers have.

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