Epic Tom Brady Speech About His Competitiveness Goes Viral

Tom Brady may be taking it easy in retirement, but during his NFL days, he wasn't there to forge friendships.

In a conversation with Patrick Bet-David from Valuetainment Media, the Super Bowl champion seven times over shared insights into his competitive mindset. Brady mentioned that he deliberately kept his distance from players on rival teams to maintain a competitive edge.

"You got to create a lot of different emotion to heighten your sense of awareness and focus," Brady said. "For me, anger was good. Anger was good because it was motivating. The more I could create an enemy, the more I want to go out and kill those guys."

Brady confessed that he often used perceived slights and grudges as motivation on the field.

"Those are little, little things that can get me right into the emotional frame of mind that when I ran on the field and said, 'Let's fg go,' it was really, 'Let's go kick some fg a**," he detailed.

Though Brady rarely exhibited a smile during play, he noted that the same was observed in sports legends like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Tiger Woods. He speculated that Joe Montana and Muhammad Ali possessed a similar level of intense focus.

Brady always aimed not to appear antagonistic, but he found it challenging to comprehend how players could retain their edge while being overly friendly with their competitors. He shared that he and Peyton Manning are close, yet they've only dined together twice in twenty years.

"Everyone's friends now in sports all the time, and I don't get that," he expressed. "It's just not my thing."

This intense mindset might not have been favorable for tablets, but it certainly contributed to Brady's success. He retired holding records for the most passing yards, touchdowns, and quarterback victories in NFL history.

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