Facebook Will Pick News From Favored Media Partners

President Obama has determined fake news is a problem. Facebook is addressing it. Moving forward, Facebook will pick news from favored media partners. This was first reported by Business Insider. They were able to see internal documentation regarding this. Snapchat uses a similar method to delivery news.

Facebook to Begin Picking News

Facebook Will Pick News From Favored Media Partners

Facebook will look at stories from certain media and entertainment companies. These will then be handpicked added to the "Collections" feature which Facebook is adding. There has not yet been a time frame for when the Collections feature will be available.

Facebook declined to comment on this story.

At first it seemed that Mark Zuckerberg was very adamant about fake news not being an issue on Facebook. He specifically said it had no hand in rigging the election. Now, things have changed. He has agreed to work on the problem that is fake news.

Facebook has had a failed experiment with curating news in the past. There was a breaking news app created called Notify. It was closed down after just seven months. Additional to that, the trending news section on Facebook has came under fire. This was after it was discovered that the editors on Facebook were pushing a liberal agenda with their content.