Tractor Supply Adds 5k Jobs During COVID-19 Crisis

Tractor Supply has really stepped up their game during this pandemic. As many people are laid off and uncertain about their future, Tractor Supply is creating 5,000 new jobs!

On Monday the farm and feed retailer announced that they will be hold their "most ambitious" hiring drive ever.

There will be both full-time and part-time positions available in their almost 1,900 store locations as well as eight distributions centers.

“We have the privilege of being an essential retailer who sells goods that are demand-based and needs-driven,” Tractor Supply president and CEO Hal Lawton  told the Nashville Business Journal. “Our customers rely on us for the feed for their animals, food for their pets and all the upkeep for their land, farms and really to manage their lives.”

He told the Journal:

We’ve seen nice results in the business. We also know that we’re asking a lot of our team members at this time in terms of sanitation, but also with the increased stress and anxiety they have on them. A combination of all those factors led us to hiring some additional team members. We’re pleased that we can contribute to the broader economy during these times with our hiring efforts.

I think this is a wonderful move and will greatly bless 5,000 families with income.

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WATCH: Bill Barr is in Stitches After President Trump Slams the Media During Press Conference

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