Fans Are Calling Wendy's New Frosty Flavor 'Super Duper Delicious'

Wendy's is introducing a new Frosty flavor for summer!

The news came from food blogger Snackolator on social media on June 5.

Wendy's Triple Berry Frosty features blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry flavors. It will be available nationwide starting Monday, June 10.

"Ohhhhh look at this! Wendy's is dropping a NEW Triple Berry Frosty on Monday for a limited time and I am absolutely loving Wendy's bringing these new Frosty flavors over the last year!" the caption said.

Fans were also warned about the limited-time Orange Dreamsicle Frosty. It will be leaving menus soon.

"On the flipside, grab an Orange Dreamsicle Frosty while you can because you only have a few more days," the post warned.

Fast food lovers shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"Sounds good but definitely gonna miss the orange dreamsicle one ????," one fan wrote. Another said, "I will probably get it because it's a pretty color. I am always down for a pink drink."

"???????????? Loved Orange Dreamsicle, looking forward to mixed berry!" a third added.

"Ooooh, now this is my kind of frosty," another fan said excitedly. Someone else called it "super duper delicious."

Others asked for the return of a simpler flavor. Comments included "just bring back vanilla omg" and "So why is vanilla not permanent."

No official word yet on how long the Triple Berry Frosty will be available. If it's like the Orange Dreamsicle Frosty, which launched in March 2024, it might only be around for a few months!