Feminazis Win Legal Battle, Preteen Girls now Allowed Topless in Public

Yikes. If you plan on visiting Fort Collins, Colorado then you may want to change you mind! The city council just agreed to cave to feminists, and removed wording from the public nudity code that banned females over the age of ten from going topless. Now girls age 11 and older may legally go topless in the city.

According to The Coloradoan, the language was removed from the code following a $322,000 lawsuit that was filed by the Free the Nipple movement three years ago by Samantha Six and Brit Hoagland.

The "legal ground" to remove the ban was that it violated the 14th Amendment since it only applied to women. This was ruled by a district court judge in February of 2017.

Pluralist reports: 

After losing the initial case, the city appealed to the federal 10th Circuit of Appeals, which also ruled in favor of Hoagland and Six.

Fort Collins eventually opted against taking the case to the United States Supreme Court. In a 4-3 ruling, the City Council voted in May to stop defending the ban in court. On July 24, a court order permanently closed off any possibility of the city enforcing the topless ban.

Tyler Marr, deputy director of information for the city of Fort Collins, told CBS affiliate KMTV that the city’s decision not to pursue the case at the highest level was likely motivated by a cost-benefit analysis.

Marr stated, “I think the council as they articulated in their 4-3 vote, really just thought as a matter of priority, no guarantee of success or that the supreme court would even take it up, that the money was just better spent on other city priorities."

Andy McNulty, Hoagland and Six’s attorney, claimed that the code was unconstitutional. He told KMTV, “Any law that says, ‘Women are prohibited from,’ is unconstitutional and really just intolerable in a society that should treat women as equal to men."

“The idea that women’s bodies are purely sexual is something that, it was perpetuated by this law. By getting rid of this law, we are saying women are more than just a sexual object and their bodies are more than just a sexual object," he continued. "They’re human beings just like men."

This whole thing is ridiculous if you ask me. Who in their right mind would find it okay for girls to walk around without their private parts being covered?