Transgender Athletes Allowed to Compete with Women in Olympics - Without Having Gender Reassignment Surgery

This is a major shift for women's sports. Transgender athletes are now allowed to compete with women in the Olympics even without having gender reassignment surgery.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that someone who is born a male has a huge physical advantage over someone who is born a female.

Earlier we reported on transgender wrestler Mack Beggs in Texas. The transgender wrestler has won the girls' Clas 6A 110-pound division two years in a row. Eggs happens to be currently transitioning from female to male and taking testosterone to do so, but is somehow allowed to wrestle in the girls' division.

trans wrestler mack beggs

Then there's Dr. Rachel McKinnon who became the first ever transgender world champion in a women's cycling event.

Then there's Laurel Hubbard, the 39-year-old power lifter who was born male and has won an international women's championship and broken records in the process.

Just last week there were two trans athletes who took first and second place at the Connecticut state indoor track championships.

According to Democrats this is considered "progress."

Well it's not getting any better. Now transgender athletes are allowed to compete with women in the Olympics, even if they have no had gender reassignment surgery.

So basically if you are a man and struggling to qualify for the Olympics, you can fix that by claiming that you identify as a woman.

Actor and patriot James Woods weighed in on the situation: