Firefighter Faces Suspension for Trying to Rescue Woman from Burning Home

Wow. An Atlanta firefighter claims that he was discipline for literally doing his job.

Captain Daniel Thomas Dwyer is facing suspension for attempting to save a woman in a burning home. If you are confused as to why he is facing backlash fo trying to save someone's life, don't are we!

According to the commander, he broke the rules when it same to searching for the elderly woman trapped inside the burning home. Although Dwyer did make it to her and pulled her out, he and the other firefighters sadly were not able to revive her.

Fox 5 Atlanta reports: 

[T]he way he went about it was not in line with fire policy. Dwyer's commander says he carried out his mission in an unsafe manner. They say he needed to wait for additional firefighters to show up before starting his search for 95-year-old Sallie Skrine. 

The incident happened last June on Collier Drive in northwest Atlanta.

While firefighters were attacking the blaze, Dwyer was assigned to the search team. 

Paul Gerdis, who heads the fire union, said Dwyer made a "split-second" decision to go in, believe the fire to be so intense....every second counted. 

He located the resident on her dining room floor. He got her out....but he and the other firefighters could not revive her. 

The union president said, "It sends the wrong message," and the fire commander ordered that Dwyer's pay be docked by 48 hours....that's more than a regular week's paycheck!

Could you imagine risking your own life to save someone else and being punished for it? I get that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things but sometimes protocols are not a luxury we can afford when it comes to life or death situations.

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