How Much Money Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Raised for the Election

Usually when it comes to raising money for campaigns, the numbers are somewhat even. Not when it comes to how much money Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton raised for the election. The most lopsided contest in modern campaign finance just ended with Hillary outraising Trump by two-to-one. This was just one more convention that Trump defied.

Hillary Outspent Trump 2 to 1

Clinton and her allies raised more than $1.2 billion during the full cycle. This is according to reports filed with the Federal Election Committee on Thursday. Trump's team raised about $600 million.

She will not be able to look back and see that she left anything on the table. During the final stretch of the campaign her team blew through 131.8 million. At the conclusion of the campaign, on November 8, they were left with approximately $839,000 in the bank.

In the same final period, Trump's team spent $94.5 million. When the election was finished they had $7.6 million in the bank. There are rules in place that prevent Trump from paying back loans he made to his campaign during the primary with this leftover money. He can use the money for his re-election campaign or use it for other Republicans for the 2018 midterm.

In the final stretch the Trump team continued the trend of patronizing its own businesses, spending a total of $2.9 million on his own businesses. This includes $2 million for the use of his private jet and $453,000 for rent at Trump Tower, among other things.

Despite this, that is far less than the $66 million Trump pumped into his own campaign, including $10 million during the final stretch.

Donald Trump actually spent more on paid media than online advertising during the final stretch, which was different than in the past. He spent $38.9 million on paid media and $28.9 million on online advertising. $970,000 was spent on event consulting which helped him produce the huge rallies which were key in helping him become victorious.

The company of campaign manager Kellyanne Conway received $427,000 during the final period.